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About Us

Queen mum has found a fresh approach to design maternity wear for any mum to be. The Queen mum collections fuse high quality with trend-setting basics and novelties from fashion items to create soft and sensuous apparel that flatters the figure without sacrificing feminine fit, beauty and great comfort.

Sold from Amsterdam to New York to Tokyo, Queen mums maternity wear is the one for every pregnant woman.


Queen mum Headoffice

Het Moederbedrijf B.V.
Pilotenstraat 6L
1059 CJ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tel: 0031 (0) 20 4082809

Queen mum Canada

Contact: Cathy Park
Tel: 001 (416) 894 2389

Queen mum Germany

Contact: Heike Reemts
Tel: 0049 178 80 44 567